When The Heart Dances

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Laurence Hobgood’s long-awaited duet album with bassist Charlie Haden, When the Heart Dances, will be released on The Naim Label on April 20 in Europe and in the US this summer!

A two-record vinyl version will also be released in May.

When the Heart Dances features Kurt Elling on three tunes. Five of the compositions are originals by Laurence and/or Charlie. KEQ fans may have heard Laurence perform his exquisite composition, Sanctuary, at live shows over the past few years.

In the EU, When the Heart Dances will be available everywhere — in record stores and on the web: The Naim e-store, Amazon in Europe, Amazon digital, and all the other usual web outlets. Many of those ship to US customers as well. Check shipping and price.

It will also be available for download on iTunes.

US availability will be announced soon.

When the Heart Dances was recorded in 2008 at the California Institute of the Arts, home of Charlie Haden’s award-winning CalArts Jazz Studies Program. Ken Christianson, sound recording master extraordinaire, recorded it using his True Stereo method that gives the listener a live, acoustically realistic experience. No editing, mixing, or sweetening involved. Just the music.

And what music!

Track list:

1. Que Sera Sera
2. When The Heart Dances
3. First Song (featuring Kurt Elling)
4. Sanctuary (Laurence Hobgood, solo piano)
5. Chickoree
6. Stairway To The Stars (featuring Kurt Elling)
7. New Orleans
8. Why Did I Choose You?
9. Leatherwood (Laurence Hobgood, solo piano)
10. Daydream (featuring Kurt Elling)
11. The Cost Of Living

Dave Brubeck said Laurence is “one of the most incredible pianists I’ve ever heard.” Jazz writers call him “an underrated and underappreciated artist of high order” and “one of the finest pianists out there. Period.”

When the Heart Dances showcases the apex of his artistry, in partnership with two other jazz greats. Order your copy today!

Ordering Update: Prior to April 20, fans everywhere can preorder at great prices from two webstores in the UK. Both ship to the US at very reasonable rates.

Crotchet’s special sales price is £11.50 through the end of May. They ship airmail worldwide.

Amazon UK sells this CD for £11.69.

After April 20, When the Heart Dances will be widely available throughout Europe.