Edition | 2021

The follow up to his 2020 Grammy winner Secrets Are the Best Stories, SuperBlue is a head-turning torrent of roisterous funk, indelible beats and all-too-current lyrics that boasts the talents of producer-guitarist Charlie Hunter and two stars of the hip-hop generation: drummer Corey Fonville and bassist-keyboardist DJ Harrison (both of the genre-hopping band Butcher Brown).

Elling has always been a master of grooves, ranging from bebop to pure pop and progressive jazz to neo-soul, but he’s never filled an album with grooves quite like these. On SuperBlue, the grooves are generous and bountiful and the mix is phat and vibrant, creating springboards for some of the most vivid tracks of Elling’s career. The arrangements extend the singer’s already remarkable range and expand his role as a gifted storyteller, adept at both hipster humor and soul-shattering pathos.

SuperBlue, continues Elling’s path of bold collaboration on a project guaranteed to gain new listeners and stretch the ears of his devoted admirers.

Track Listing

  • SuperBlue
    Music by Bernard Ingher
    Lyric by Kurt Elling

    Gooped up on gop? You’d wanna’ supercharge your mind?
    Don’t live resigned in total blindness to that undefined reminder of what’s creeping up on your behind.
    Take the grime off of how sublime your time is.

    Spoken :
    The important thing
    is to pull yourself up
    by your own hair
    to turn yourself inside out
    and see the whole world
    with fresh eyes
    (“Marat/Sade”, 1965)

    When Super Blue brings on that new & fateful brew, pull on that righteous stew.
    Go askew.
    Just a flick of a trick will do you. Because, it’s true.
    It’s not what you’re used to.
    That girl is no deja vu.
    Her voodoo should re-jigger your mental tissue.
    One swish of this delicious dish will nourish your curiosity to see if she can really hold the key to what’s been waiting in your psychic undersea.
    In this is waiting every bliss.
    It’s like you’re being kissed and never dismissed.
    You’ll find you’re finally free.
    Success is guaranteed.

    She’s Super Blue. She’s honeydew; the make-or-break-through you, too, oughta’ get to pursue.


    You come unglued; corkscrew anew.
    She’s more than you knew you could do.
    Even colors go groovier too.

    She’s Super Blue. She’s honeydew; the make-or-break-through you, too, oughta’ get to pursue, too.

  • Sassy
  • Manic Panic Epiphanic
    Music by Kurt Elling, Corey Fonville, DJ Harrison and Charlie Hunter
    Lyric by Kurt Elling

    Girl, don’t act so manic.
    I promise you we’re gonna be fine.
    Ain’t no need to panic.
    I’m telling you we’ll get our chance to shine.
    I got some reassurance that things are gonna work this time.
    You know that we’ve been walking a dangerous line while all the world’s been spinning on a dime.
    We go leaning out over the roof ledge. We should try to sit still.
    We keep sliding on the knife edge …
    like to get the both of us killed
    But He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

    Don’t the new look frightening?
    We have come so far so fast.
    We’re like bottled lightning.
    But how we supposed to make it last?
    Love is life’s assurance,
    no matter how the dice get cast.
    The shell of fortune will turn again
    & what’s present now will soon be past.
    We go leaning out over the roof ledge when we should try to sit still
    We keep sliding up and down the knife edge, like to get the both of us killed.
    But He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

    Well just remember – Well just remember what is really and truly and deeply true.
    And any time you can remember that you’ll get happy and smile the whole day through.
    All you are is just a tiny God-soul, paddling life’s canoe.
    Just take a ride down the river.
    Take a ride down the river & do what good that you can find to do.
    Do what good you can do.
    Do whatever good you can do… riding down the river … in your little canoe.
    Maybe you’ll find you little canoe is, on occasion, big enough for two.
    Bang the groove … on the groove on what is really true now …
    … on what good you can do.

  • Where To Find It
    Music by Wayne Shorter
    Lyric by Kurt Elling

    Find it in the message undelivered — unsealed, unlimiting, impulse pivoting.

    Find it in a line of facts not figuring — brainwaves triggering — tripping a spring.

    Find it in a footfall — feeling like a phantom’s faintly beckoning fitful reckoning.

    Find it in a failing candle’s muttering when it’s guttering.

    Find it in the hopeful, helpless stuttering song I’m uttering.

    Find it in becoming — drumming like a running wind horse carrying your foreshadowing.

  • Can’t Make It With Your Brain
    Music by Kurt Elling, Corey Fonville, DJ Harrison and Charlie Hunter
    Lyric by Kurt Elling and Phil Galdston

    On my first take your shimmy-shake looked sexy across the room.
    I could just about taste it — desire-fire — the hit of a dark perfume.
    All of the shades down — the lights are low — the flow is happening.
    You flashing your baby blues — just a little peek-a-boo — & I started imagining.

    But then, I notice that button. It probably means nothin — just some kind of a joke.
    ‘Cause girl, I think that you’re crushing. No point in discussing it, ‘cause you have to be ‘woke.
    But now you’ve got me wondering — & thinking all the sudden. Am I missing a trick?
    Are you a brick house or a brick?

    spoken: Huh. Is this, like… “dance 10 — thinks 3?”

    As I shake the question — & keep the connection — you boogie across the floor
    In a reckless necklace & a little black dress & possibly nothing more.
    You fingers in my hair now — lingering there — knowing just what to do.
    Your lips are glistening — getting me listening — and then you whisper that “Q” is true.

    And that’s when you murder the moment. The rabbit hole opens on some stranger than strange.
    I guess that I should have known it — Your button means you’re into that Stormy-insane stuff.
    I wish you’d kept it on the physical plane … because I can’t make it with your brain.

    spoken: The champagne in this bar is expensive. Don’t you think you should buy me another?

    ‘Cause that’s when you murdered the moment. The rabbit hole opened on your stranger than strange.
    That button isn’t ironic. It’s Adrenochromic, and it’s some bloody insane.
    And, wow! That blows up the hook up. ‘Cause I ain’t wasting time cruising in your lane.
    Because now I’m only looking for grown-ups, and not some adolescent on a crazy-train.
    And you can buy your own expensive champagne
    because I can’t make it with your brain.

    spoken: And now, the headlines:

    Bat-Boy found in cave 10 years ago says he’s not afraid of heights … Volunteers to operate
    NATO space laser!

    Disappeared brawny lumberjack Butch Jones released from 15 years as Bigfoot love slave.
    Mourning wife says, “He’s just not the man I married!”

    Vatican City miracle stunner!
    Tiny ghost of Pope John Paul the II living… under current pope’s hat!

    Shocking photos found in White House basement reveal: 27th U.S. president William Howard
    Taft was actually … a woman!
    There’s pictures and everything!

    The end is near! Elvis tells mummy aliens to shut us down! We’re fired!!

  • The Seed
  • Dharma Bums
    Music by Kurt Elling, Corey Fonville, DJ Harrison and Charlie Hunter
    Lyric by Kurt Elling

    Come on! I’ve got a wandering feeling that it’s time for moving on.
    The arms upon the clock that’s on the wall are telling me that I’ve been standing still for much too long.
    A picture’s always blank before it’s drawn. The night is darkest just before the dawn.
    So you bring your tender brains & I can provide the brawn.

    Come On! I’ve got a vintage Ford Falcon that is hungry for the road.
    The chromium is polished in the knowledge that we’re headed for an altogether distant postal code.
    Might I suggest that on the way find the mystic motherlode.
    Maybe we can find our just deserts & grab ‘em à la mode !

    ‘Cause when the night falls & stars shed their sparkler dims & don’t you know that God is Pooh-Bear
    holding out his honeyed paws to both of us from way out there?
    And when the spirit calls …
    … and both of us are filled up to the over-brim in that mescal & sage flavored air,
    Then you’ll know that you are Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise is me!

    Come on! We’ll ball that jack straight until we reach the end of land and wash the miles off diving in the sea
    Two holy goofs having a good time & sodden on a aubergine toboggan, smoking constantly.
    You never know just what there is to find until you start looking,
    You never know just what you’re gonna dine on until you start cooking, yeah!

    And when the morning strolls and the great unrolling scroll of our lives imbibes and inscribes our heroic drives on the parchment of eternal vibes,
    we two holy-empty bowls with our ever-burning baby ember soul-coals — they watch & behold as we patrol down the fold in the rolls in the future-Buddha foretold mold, where bodhisattva whisper the Bodhi-being code and we find out path to the sold-out hold-out motherlode of what can never be eroded!
    (Don’t say I never told it!)

    Now, you don’t actually have to leave home to get the job done,
    but I promise you it can sure be a lot more fun!

    Two on the road is always better than one, son.

    spoken: Now: the thing about what we’re after, sometimes it’s invisi-bala-tash-is-ness. Sometimes it’s hiding. Not because it wants to.
    It’s not a little afraid of you. Maybe you’re a little afraid of you.

    Hey:But you can’t always see it, but it’s always there.
    You might forget to feel it – but then you say, ”it feels unfair!”

    But it ain’t just disappeared because it’s always in the air.
    And just because you win’t awake — it don’t mean you ain’t aware.

    So, listen up! ‘Cause the deepest truths ain’t written in no book.
    They’re all around you all the time, but you use your heart to look.

    They may be in a candy bar, maybe in a Baby Ruth,
    That brings back the true Madeleine of your long-lost youth.

    They may be waiting to be found in the freezing winter brook,
    Or in the photograph of a long-lost stare that somehow leaves you shook.

    They’re in the stories children tell or in an acrid, smokey smell.
    They’re in a breath when a story’s done, or the ringing of a bell.

    But they’e always there — like math itself; or whatever pre-exists.
    They’ll outlast your every waking doubt — ‘cause the truth always persists.

    The truth always persists.

    spoken: Well, let’s see. We have a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes.
    It’s dark. And we’re wearing sunglasses.

    Hit it!

  • Circus
  • Endless Lawns
    Music by Carla Bley
    Lyric by Kurt Elling

    Afloat and all at sea / the stars align in threes.
    They’re so fine and free in blue and in green
    Like leaves on endless trees.

    Come climb the sky with me.
    Come hear and come to see
    Melody in perfect symmetry
    In love / in light / in key.

    We chart from stars, lay too among islands
    The night thick hair around us
    And cold water lapping at the keel
    Upon deck in damp air, we lie back
    Feel our clothes turn wet to skin, and look for Orion’s belt
    We look for Orion’s belt
    Sky spills over us, so full
    We forget about days
    Out here when we touch, the earth turns
    We go sailing through Islands of stars
    Sink with the bears black fur. Drift in a dogs coat
    Become comets that flare and orbit the night.
    We sail highlands of stars
    We sink with a bears black fur
    We drift in a dogs coat
    Become comets that flare and orbit the night

    ‘Sailing By Stars’, by Judith Minty, from Lake Songs

    Come climb the sky with me.
    Come hear and come to see
    Melody in perfect symmetry
    In love / in light / in key

    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light
    In love / in light / in key

  • This Is How We Do


Kurt Elling: Voice
Charlie Hunter: Hybrid Guitar
DJ Harrison: Keyboards
Corey Fonville: Drums, Percussion

Produced by Charlie Hunter and Kurt Elling
Co-Produced by DJ Harrison and Corey Fonville
Executive Producers Bryan Farina & Dave Stapleton

Instrumental Tracking by DJ Harrison at Jellowstone RVA. 10/19/20-10/21/20 & 11/22/20-11/24/20

Vocal Tracking by Anthony Gravino at High Cross Sound 2/1/21-2/13/21

Mixed by Anthony Gravino
Mastered by Dave McNair Mastering