Kurt Elling @ The Tivoli Theatre Brisbane: An evening of musical perfection

Kurt Elling last performed at Brisbane’s The Tivoli Theatre in 2004, launching his ‘Man In the Air’ album to an enthusiastic fan base that had grown significantly since his first Brisbane appearance in 2000 and justifiably continues to expand.
For Saturday night’s concert (9 June) the iconic Elling presented material from his latest release ‘The Questions’, opening a cappella with Bob Dylan’s ‘Hard Rain’ filling every inch of the room with strong, smooth tones delivered with passion and conviction.

Two gentle ballads followed: ‘A Happy Thought’ featuring pianist Stu Mindeman and ‘I Have Dreamed’ smothered with tender, subtle punctuations and utterly executed solo work by guitarist John McLean with the addition of tastefully crafted padding by Mindeman on Hammond organ.

Leading his band of skillful musicians, Elling supplied a balanced programme of magnificent tunes including ‘A Secret In Three Views’ and an outstanding rendition of ‘Nature Boy’ providing patrons a phenomenal cornucopia of sound, thoughtful dynamics and burning solos.

Elling is a consummate vocalist, blessed with an extensive range and an ability to scat which defies the aural senses.

His distinct vocal timbre and warm demeanour are engaging attributes this talented gentleman shared generously with his audience during an evening of musical perfection.