Behind the Scenes With Kurt Elling

Fear No ART Chicago‘s Elysabeth Alfano sat down with Kurt Elling for an in-depth and intimate conversation when Kurt and the band performed at the Green Mill in Chicago in July 2011.
Alfano writes for the Huffington Post:

Who doesn’t love listening to live jazz at The Green Mill? Al Capone folklore aside, its quirky stage, ornate decor, sumptuously shaped bar and huge round booths take you back in time. And when jazz greats, such as the Grammy Award-winning vocalist Kurt Elling, take the stage, it is easy to understand why The Green Mill is often referred to as legendary.

I sat down with Kurt Elling for Fear No ART at The 3rd Coast Cafe, just a few hours before his July 2, 2011 show at The Green Mill, for an intimate and in-depth conversation. I learned how much his long history in spiritual studies informs his work and how incredibly driven he is. I have interviewed many artists over the years and Kurt Elling is by far the most driven, disciplined, and devoted to his art.

Enjoy this interview which includes many live segments from his performance in July and a unique insight into how he approaches his art. In addition, he gives an interesting take on audience etiquette as seen from the vantage point of the stage.