Jun 15, 1998

Present at the creation

This is the third album from the hippest singer around, and, as the title suggests, it is mostly romantic in tone (Elling reveals that he has just married and "I had all these ideas in my head") The music is also for dancing and smooching with...

Apr 23, 1998

Elling’s Rant

It seems only appropriate that Kurt Elling is performing an artists' benefit when he comes to Houston Thursday A Grammy-nominated singer and die-hard Jack Kerouac fan, the 30-year-old jazz singer is outspoken, to say the least, about the...

Jan 13, 1998

Ginsberg tribute doesn’t miss a Beat

It takes a degree of audacity to organize a musical-literary tribute to poet Allen Ginsberg, then rail against the excesses of the Beat aesthetic Ginsberg epitomized Chicago singer-poet Kurt Elling is nothing if not audacious, which may explain...

Jun 30, 1997

The Wayoutsphere

Is Kurt Elling, like, (a) a way-out cat who has "goofed to wig city," (b) some space cadet marooned in the outer reaches of the hiposphere, or (c) a worthy young stud who went subterraneous down the rabbit hole and into a musical and...