While the primary focus of my artistic career is, of course, music, I have been privileged to explore a number of other avenues of expression as well. Offers come in – to write, to act, to produce, to direct – and often I simply cannot help myself. Who could?

Over the years, I have established some very fruitful creative relationships outside of the jazz world – notably with Tim Evans and the production team at the Steppenwolf Theater, here in Chicago, for whom I have created a number of multi-disciplinary live events. At different times these have integrated music, poetry, acting, dancers, recordings, and huge visual projections. It was because of my earliest work with the Steppenwolf that I was commissioned by The City Of Chicago to organize and direct the multi-genre artistic performance for its millennium celebrations – celebrations that very wonderfully stretched my integrationist tendencies beyond my expectations.

Closer to (stylistic) home, I have been invited to give lectures about jazz method and about my musical, poetic and philosophical influences. I was even invited by Jazziz Magazine to write and publish touring journals.

And, of course, there has been Four Brothers, the touring show I created to feature my dear friends and father figures Jon Hendricks and Mark Murphy. It stands out among my dearest efforts as the most valuable.

But all these efforts have taught me, and all have been pleasures.

And so, here are some scripts and set lists and things to read, and some radio broadcasts to hear.

I really do appreciate your curiosity and your enthusiasm.