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Random KE Playlist OCT 19, 2017
Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:36 pm
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Random Playlist: Strings in the Earth and Air (feat. Kurt Elling & Gavin Friday) Brian Byrne & James Joyce, Play On Play On (feat. Kurt Elling & Glenn Close) Brian Byrne & James Joyce, Goldenhair (feat. Kurt Elling) Brian Byrne & James Joyce Go Seek Her out, (feat. Kurt Elling & Ryan Quigley) Brian Byrne & James Joyce Los Angeles (The Dealer's Song) (Vocal Version Of "Moose The Mooche"), Dream Clock, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Orange Blossoms In Summertime, Time To Say Goodbye, Blue In Green, and All Is Quiet

Walk Weather: Fair and CLR, 64º temperature 57º humidity, S wind 12 mph, bright blue sky, 100% sun.

I'm not sure why but one thing struck me more than anything today on this walk. Rob Amster was an amazing acoustic bass player and jazz musician.


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Thanks! / yes! on Rob Amster
Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:30 pm
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Very cool playlist, mjr! Love all the cuts from Goldenhair there, the reminder of tunes I'd forgotten like Dream Clock. and the always- transporting Blue in Green. What a wonderful soundtrack for a walk.

Anybody else got a great KE playlist to share?

And YES! Rob *was* an amazing acoustic bass player and jazz musician.

Here's what you said about Rob in 2008, which I wholeheartedly endorse and remember for its eloquence.

The sound he gets from his bass is as thick as a 150 year-old oak tree. It goes right into the center of your chest. His intonation is dead on the center and when you hear them in person with only one take, you know how "on" he is. Also in the live setting you can hear what a great and creative soloist he is, unfortunately not getting to stretch out as much on the records. Another thing that is amazing is Rob's ability to set down such an interesting and successful groove with the drummer du jour no matter what the style.

~ Trudy Cool

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