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Upward Spiral!
Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:15 pm
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It´s very nice to have a new recording with Kurt Elling! I got "Upward Spiral" today and i have played it the whole afternoon. I love it!
Some songs are familiar to me and some are new. My favourits are:
Blue Gardenia: lovely melody and Kurt sings it in a beautiful way,
Practical Arrangement: new to me but a wonderful song,
I´m a fool to want you: only with Kurt´s voice and Branfords sax and it´s magic,
Blue Velvet: Kurt sings it so slowly but extremely beautiful and suggestive,
The Return: jazzy and swinging and wonderful.

Branford Marsalis has a great band and i love his sax playing. Great arrangements on every tune. I really hope i can go somewhere to see and hear this music live.

Kurt, you´ve done it again and together with Branford Marsalis and the band it´s more than well. I love the whole album. Thanks for even more good music!


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Upward spiral
Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:01 pm
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Greetings Everyone,

Thank you Kurt for this new recording. It arrived today at the end of a month where it feels that much of the world is "going to hell in a hand cart". I see the gig in Istanbul was cancelled, good that the band are staying safe.
So much violence, discrimmination anger and hurt. As a Londoner I see my self as a citizen of the world - its been a very sad few weeks for me.

Kurt, Brandford and the band, like so many musicians and artists, have much to teach us about respect and collaboration.

This is a wonderful collection of songs, I agree with Jazzwise "an absorbing muscial journey"
Practical Arrangement - beautiful made me cry.
Doxy with great scatting + Momma Said you just have to smile.
The Return is inspiring.
There are great solos/leads from each band member, Brandford's tone is wonderful, Kurt is in fabulous form especially the upper register.

Something joyful and beautiful in dark times, in gratitude,

Metta Jane

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